2x/week Antalya with Corendon Airlines
1x/week Munich with Lufthansa
Winter destinations 2020/2021: Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Antalya, Hurghada

Rostock Airport
In Germany - right at the top


Rostock-Laage Airport -
Book your flight from Rostock to your holiday destination

Fly directly from Rostock to your holiday destination or destinations. You can book your flights easily and cheaply online with us. For example, book a flight from Rostock-Laage to your favourite holiday destination in Europe.

Rostock Airport Seamless travel


Seamless Travel Service – comfortable travel-combination with flight and cruise ship.

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Rostock Airport Cargo

Cargo service

Due to our 24/7 license, we are able to handle all freights demands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Place your ads @theAirport

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Planned To Flight Expected

Tue, 15:10 ANTALYA XC2002 departed

Sat, 16:55 MUNICH LH2115 -

Sun, 11:20 ANTALYA XC7544 -

Tue, 11:35 HERAKLION XR2902 -

Sat, 18:00 INGOLSTADT PWF1860 -


Planned From Flight Expected

Sat, 16:15 MUNICH LH2114 -

Sun, 10:20 ANTALYA XC7543 -

Tue, 10:45 HERAKLION XR2901 -

Sat, 10:55 INGOLSTADT PWF1860 -

Our nationwide partners

Our nationwide partner will ensure that you have a relaxing journey. Our partner airline will take you from Rostock across the world and back, safe and sound.

Our regional partners

With our regional partners, you can experience the region around Rostock and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from its best angle. Visit Karl’s Erdbeerhof (Strawberry Village) in Rövershagen or discover the benefits of the RostockCARD, which you can use to claim numerous discounts during your stay in Rostock. Those who want to see our beautiful region from another perspective up in the sky can book flights and hot air balloon rides from our partners Ostseeflug.com and Flugagentur MV.