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48 tons of freight loaded at Rostock-Laage Airport

Cargo Handling at Rostock Airport

Stressful day on Thursday at Rostock Airport: Besides the normal scheduled flights to and from Munich and Stuttgart as well as some holiday flights, for example to Mallorca and Kos, a Boeing 747-400F, a cargo plane of the Silk Way airline landed from Azerbaijan. The reason for this was the loading of a total of 48 tons of freight, which was to be transported via Baku to Mumbai, India, almost 6,500 kilometres away. In the preceding days, the goods from the region had been transported by a total of five trucks of the transport company of DB Schenker to the airport site where the cargo was prepared for onward transport to India.
"We are very pleased about this order, which we received from DB Schenker in Güstrow. The cargo business is of great importance for the operations in the north of the most recently formed federal states. It usually is transported as sea freight. However, goods that depend on the speed of delivery are also shipped by air. We can score with our 24 hour operation and wish to be a good partner for companies for their freight shipments in the future. The aim is to show new possibilities to transport your goods quickly and responsibly to your customers. What sets us apart is that we have all the licenses at Rostock Airport for freight operations, customs are in place, we are flexible and can also carry out special handling operations for which there is no time at large airports," said Managing Director, Dörthe Hausmann.

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