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Airpark industrial estate

Airpark industrial estate, Rostock-Laage

What is the Airpark?

The Airpark at Rostock-Laage is the most interesting economic and investment location in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

500 hectares of developed land for industry and commerce, with Rostock-Laage Airport in the middle, provide the ideal requirements to base all types of businesses and to be a future logistics hub for transport to Scandinavia, the Baltic region, and Southern and Eastern Europe.


The Airpark and Rostock-Laage Airport are located at the intersection where trade routes from Hamburg to Szczecin and Copenhagen to Berlin meet. In addition, the distance to each of these conurbations is around 200km. The regional centre of Rostock is 25km away from the industrial and commercial estate.

A unique feature of this region is reflected in the area’s modern infrastructure. Depending on the location or individual commercial site, the federal motorway (A19) and state roads (B103, B108) pass right by the Airpark in Rostock-Laage.

For the transport of products and goods by sea, the port in Rostock is 30km away. A siding along the main Berlin-Rostock route enables the commercial area to be connected by train.

At the centre of the Airpark you will find Rostock-Laage Airport, which is open round the clock and has a constantly growing number of passengers and freight volumes passing through.

The interlocking of the narrowly networked means of transport can guarantee the shortest possible turnaround times. The Airpark in Rostock-Laage has a total area of around 5,000,000 square metres, 400,000 of which are occupied by resident companies. The north of the Airpark, however, is reserved for numerous construction plans.

Up to now, 15 companies with almost 800 employees have established sites in this area. These are mainly from the metalworking and vehicle supply industries, but there are also some that operate in the food industry.

The supply and removal of energy, heating, gas and water from the sites is taken care of and can be arranged within the shortest time possible. No sensitive parts of the environment are damaged by the business area, which means that planning safety short waiting time for approval (3 to 12 months) can be guaranteed.