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Rostock Airport – Seamless Travel, the new service concept

Rostock Airport has been part of the cruise business in Rostock-Warnemuende since 2015. A seamless travel product was developed together with Costa Crociere cruise line to provide passengers an easy, full-serviced journey from the departure airport onto the cruise ships in Rostock. The new service concept consists of a joint air/cruise product, optimizing the process of baggage handling, check-in and the development of new procedures to coordinate with authorities, local port agents and the port company.

Seamless Travel - the product

The goal is, to arrange the arrival and departure of cruise passengers in a most comfortable manner. So the airport team takes care of the luggage for the passenger. Who is travelling stress-free without receiving and picking up his luggage several times? The luggage is marked at the airport of departure and delivered from the arrival airport straight into the cabin of the relevant guest. At the end of the cruise, Rostock Airport ensures the seamless transport of luggage from the cabin to the customer's destination airport by equipping the ships with check-in technology. The luggage will be checked-in aboard the ship at the evening before arrival of the cruise. The technology and the implementation of the necessary procedures on board is conducted by Rostock Airport staff together with the ship crews, before the cruise season. The so-called "off-airport check-in" reduces passenger queueing time at the port and the airport.

Rostock Airport offers optimal conditions for the implementation of this trend-setting method. The modern infrastructure, the control of the processes in one hand and the high quality of the passenger handling convinced other cruise lines to entrust the airport at the Baltic with the implementation of the system. In addition to Costa Crociere, the MSC cruise line uses the high-quality "seamless travel" product to organize the arrival and departure of its cruise passengers and to increase the quality of the journey to and from the cruise ships. In the year 2017 more than 90,000 cruise passengers used this service of Rostock Airport, enjoying a relaxing start and end to their holidays.

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